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It still works on all of my other iDevices but not on my phone.

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I tried everything, clean restore etc, nothing worked. So please be aware, iMessage might stop working on your iPhone.

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After restoring my phone I noticed that iMessages didn't work. It works on all of my other devices but not on my iPhone. I've tried everything, turned iMessage off on all devices, reactivating etc, nothing works. So if you want to use iMessage in the future; don't do this: It looks like I'm not alone: Yesterday when I went by train I tried to spoof my jailbroken iPhone 5? When you reach the limit you can still surf for free but with a reduced speed, nobody likes reduced speed.

I tried to clear my cookies, use another browser I couldn't stand it. Soooo,I decided to spoof my MAC-address. Then I ran the following command: You can read more about nvram here. I did this 3 times during my 2h journey and it worked everytime.

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How To Change / Spoof iPhone iPad iPod MAC Address.

You can take a look at our Github for some projects we've open sourced. MAC spoofing is not and will never be?

How to change your MAC address

MAC address spoofing on iOS 9 and above may be possible with a kernel patch similar to how Electra uses a kernel patch to set nonce. It truly is. Even more sad is how lockdown iOS is in general at this point. All these changes in the name of security do basically nothing for malware anyways and just affect the power users. They do incredible amounts for known malware, and that's what's important. They can't do much about unknown malware, after all. The ability of the user space to write to nvram to spoof the MAC address being removed in iOS 9 has done nothing to prevent malware. Problem is most iphone users are not "Power users" plus messing with MAC spoofing, jacks some apple services.

I mean look at the simple questions that are posted here daily I definitely agree, but jailbreaking used to offer a lot more freedom then it presently does. Jailbreaks now are in comparison so limited to what they originally were.

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I want to use an iPhone and be able to do advanced things. Yes and no, jailbreaking is what it is because apple has locked down the devices so much better both hardware and software. Those exploits used to be insane.

There was no SHSH verification Plus bootrom exploits so powerful you could load Linux and Android onto your phone, not to mention it being permanently jail broken by just loading a jail broken CFW. On what devices were it possible to load android onto? Can it be done on a 4S since it has an untethered JB? The iPhone 2G and 3G had bootlace which could load android but it ran terrible.

Someone has technically got it working on the 3GS and 4 but did not release anything. Each anti-jailbreak adjustment Apple makes, keeps us safe from those "free charging stations" in airports that could otherwise load whatever fuckery they want on our devices. I agree with a lot of what you say, however malware is only half the battle; the other side of the coin involves just keeping people's devices working as expected. Jailbreaking in general tends to shorten the life of one's device, whether that be through reduced battery life, etc.

Jailbreakers can also easily bootloop their devices if they aren't careful with what they're doing, and Apple obviously shouldn't be obligated to help those people with the problem. I would say this specific example has more to do with mitigating user issues than malware. Users were literally bricking their devices by doing this, i.

You can't know what can happen until it happens, so Apple did what I would say is the smart thing by removing this functionality altogether.

How to spoof your mac address on all jailbroken devices! | Se7enSins Gaming Community

Yea but your edits confused me I though it was made to work with 9. I'm pretty sure it just needs a kernel patch like nonce setting required on ios Just no one will do it. Glad I still have my bit with dual boot to iOS 8. I have successfully installed your tweak, but there is another circumstance: