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Search Glass x. Warning Information in this article applies to Outlook for Mac Make sure IMAP is enabled. For added security, turn off POP as well. Click Save Changes. Outlook shows Gmail labels as folders, so unchecking these boxes will help things look right in Outlook. For more information, see the note on labels at the bottom of this post. Click the General tab and click Save Changes. Select the Accounts icon. If you have any accounts currently added to Outlook they will show here.

Otherwise, it will show as empty. I'm also afraid to upgrade to their newer builds because I've had Companionlink delete apointments. Their tech support is helpful if you don't mind waiting minutes on the phone. I cannot find any rhyme or reason to why their software behaves the way it does. Their tech support always gives me the reason that it's because Google's API is constantly changing. I was willing to believe them the first 2 or 3 times this happened to me, but I'm too frustrated now.

Is gSync v4 the way to go? Does it work the best with syncing my Outlook calendar to GCal? Is gSync able to keep the same calendar colors that I use in Google Calendar? I have a few different calendars in Google and want the same colors in Outlook. I am struggling with synching the calendars. I did the above step, but now its just added the google calendar in addition to my default on outlook.

How do I do this? Hi Svetlana, If you find time to update this article,consider adding "Calendar Sync Plus Codeplex " for your review,The app will cover wide range of use cases regarding sync. Hello, after reading this remarkable paragraph i am also happy to share my know-how here with friends. It seems it does both: Like another user pointed out. I think its worth a try to check out this plug-in if you are having some issues with synchronization. Just wanted to say thank you for a comprehensive, well documented, chock-full-of-choices article that allowed me to pick the right solution for my needs.

Google Calendar didn't get updates that frequently, maybe a few times a day only, but it worked. Recently, this seems to be broken I tried to sync my gmail calendar with URL adress, but it wount import my calendar. I have outlook Status keep staying "pending". Ich erwarte Ihre Antwort, um Ihnen aussetzen meine Kreditkonditionen.

The original post is not showing up, is there an update? I desperately need to sync my outlook calendar to my lg g3 android smart phone. Thanks in advance. I read some of these article is really useful. Anyways, I have some concerns with my end-user needs to get gmail's calendar syncs with outlook when they modified on each of both sites but they cannot edit or update any appointments. Servicios prestados: Hello, Good article, thanks!!!

One question, all these solutions are based on PC or Mac implementations. I need something that runs all the time, not just when my computer is on. I may go a day or two and not be able to use my computer, but need updates on my phone. Is there a service that can do this for me at regular intervals? HI Please I have a big problem after using this app i tried to import some folders contain very impotent emails but i can't find any thing.

Is there any way to retrieve my mails? Thanks for another great article Svetlana! I've been using this free software on a client's machine for 2 years now - it was easy to setup and worked without problems the whole time. I'm testing this software on a Windows 10 machine and with Office Outlook and all seems to be working perfectly so far!

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Outlook Google Calendar Sync works great! Thanks for this. Using Bi-Directional Sync. Items to go to Google from Outlook at put in a category so that only what I need to go to Google gets there. I have a problem with Go Contact Sync Mod. It syncs appointments only one way from Outlook to Gmail. However, if I add an appointment to my cell phone, it never appears in Outlook, although it appears in GMail. So apparently something is wrong with Go Contact Sync Mod on my computer. Can somebody help? E-mail not published.

Click Open Calendar button and choose " From Internet… " from the drop down list. Method 2: On the File tab, select Account Settings twice. Switch to the Internet Calendars tab and click the New… button. Click Close to close the Accounting Settings dialog. In the Subscriptions Option dialog box, type the folder name for the imported calendar and make sure the Update Limit checkbox is selected. If you want to transfer the attachments within your Google Calendar events, select the corresponding option too and then click OK.

Remember that the Google Calendar imported in this way is read-only, the lock icon is displayed in the lower right hand corner of all imported Google Calendar's events, meaning they are locked for editing. Changes made in Outlook are not synced with your Google Calendar. If you want to send the changes back to Google Calendar, you need to export your Outlook Calendar.

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The imported calendar is static and it won't update. To get the latest version of your Google Calendar, you should repeat the steps described above. Alternatively, you can subscribe to your Google Calendar and have it updated automatically. Click the Advanced button for two more options: If you choose the latter, be aware that this might significantly increase the size of the iCalendar file. Similar to Importing a calendar from Google into Outlook , the transferred calendar is static and won't update along with the changes you make in Outlook.

To get the recent version of your Outlook calendar, you need to repeat this procedure. Important Note! Please be sure to use only one syncing method described in this tutorial at a time, or else you may end up having duplicate calendar items in Outlook and Google. Amy says: August 6, at Svetlana Cheusheva says: August 7, at Dave Nicholson says: August 7, at 6: Chuck says: August 7, at 8: Very helpful instruction.

Thank you! Hi Chuck, What software or method did you use to import your Google calendar to Outlook? KathNich says: August 8, at 5: August 8, at Thank you very much for this tip KathNich! You are so right about "check the obvious first! Param says: August 8, at 8: Nico says: Nobody has the same problem? For them, this problem will be corrected in the version V4.

August 8, at 4: Hi Nico, David who ran into the same issue reported they had already fixed it in v. Marck says: August 8, at 3: Svetlana, Thank you so much for all of the great info.

Rob says: Liz says: September 9, at 7: Alexander says: August 11, at 2: Per says: August 9, at 5: Regarding SynYa: Michele says: August 9, at 3: Ann says: Kim says: August 11, at 5: K Harkins says: August 11, at Laura says: August 11, at 1: Preeth says: Bestter says: August 12, at Anonymous says: Hi Svetlana, Thank you for the information. It is greatly appreciated. Torri says: August 12, at 1: Greg says: August 12, at 5: Svetlana, Thank you for the information!

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Like Torri, I have persistent message that can't be deleted. August 15, at 6: Hi Greg, Thank you for your feedback! SteveD says: August 12, at 8: Svetlana, Thank you, thank you. You should get a commission on sales with this great write-up. Thanks so much!!!

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Hi Steve, Thank you very much for your feedback. Frances says: Thank you so much! Your article saved me. I'm enjoying gSync. Thanks again for your help. Mats Ericson says: August 13, at 2: Thanks very much for this great aricle! This was just the information I wanted. Chris says: August 13, at PDX Dave says: August 13, at 4: August 14, at Hi Dave, A few users have mentioned that the "Less secure apps" issue is solved in version 4. Luke says: August 13, at 5: August 14, at 6: Hello Luke, Thank you very much for sharing your impressions about gSyncit and for your kind words!

Jen says: August 13, at 6: Mike Pruneau says: Linda says: August 18, at 5: Niel says: August 19, at Denise says: August 21, at 8: Thanks Svetlana for the awesome reviews and to everyone for all the helpful comments.

Syncing Outlook Calendar with iCal on a Mac

Dan says: August 22, at Paul Ferland says: August 24, at 8: August 25, at Hi Paul, I have not tested it personally, however some of our blog readers tried it and posted very positive feedback please see comments , and August 25, at 4: Eben says: August 26, at 4: August 26, at 1: Hi Eben, The developers claim the issue is fixed in version 4. Have you tried it? William says: August 26, at Tracie Siemsen says: August 26, at 2: August 27, at ShanZ says: August 27, at 9: This was super helpful and I am so happy to be synced again!!

Jordan says: August 29, at 1: Thanks Jordan. September 24, at Hi Jordan, Sorry, I have no idea, this is the first time I see it. September 3, at Dave says: September 4, at 1: Anyone have any comments of experience? Antonio says: September 5, at 6: Leef says: September 8, at William - In response to September 11, at 4: I have moved away from Google calendar and now use Outlook.

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Seo says: September 12, at 3: Shib says: September 13, at 1: Robert says: September 22, at 7: Erikka says: September 23, at Andrew says: September 23, at 4: Hi Andrew, In theory, this method should work in Outlook and as well because protocols are the same in all Outlook versions. David says: September 29, at Andrew, I am using Outlook with gsyncit and it works flawlessly 2-way.

Wendy says: October 15, at 1: Thank you for your article, it was very interesting and helpful! Do you know if any of the tools mentioned in the above article can solve this? Thank you in advance. Alexis says: October 20, at 3: To wendy: M1x3 says: October 28, at Mike McCormack says: October 30, at 2: Well written and well done!

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