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Popular CloudMagic mail app comes to the Mac - iOS Hacker

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They made up our Apple-Friendly Newton alternative section. There's only one in mind here right now. That is Superhuman.

Spark Mail App Welcomes Newton Mail Refugees

They've been teasing us for several months now and Superhuman is close to launching. You can apply for VIP beta here , but they haven't yet released it to the world. We'd love to hear! Want to join the new FB group to discuss email apps, head here!

The Main Email Components

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Nylas N1 (free)

Typically, these emails keep sitting in your inbox, cluttering up space for the rest of important emails. With Spark, you get the ability to temporarily snooze these emails. With a simple swipe or click action, you can snooze any number of emails and choose the exact date and time when you want to see them back in your inbox. This is great to temporarily clear up your inbox, so you can focus on other important emails.

Similarly, you can PIN important emails to the top of your inbox, that you want to pay attention to and not miss any updates. Pinning an email message in Spark is as easy as clicking on an icon. You can even pin multiple email messages to the top in Spark.

Best Mailbox Alternative For Mac OSX (Polymail)

Spark Mail app allows you to perform certain actions on every email that is displayed in a list. Spark makes it easy to quickly perform these actions on emails displayed in a list by allowing you to swipe on the emails left or right.

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Each of these swipes can be assigned to a specific action, such as short left swipe to mark an email as read and short right swipe to archive an email. These swipes are customizable, so you can pick exactly which action you want. Thankfully, switching from Newton Mail to Spark is very easy. Spark supports email accounts from all email service providers, including Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, and more.